Zuyver – Pure, Organic Skinfood

Branding, packaging & art direction. Zuyver Pure Organic Skinfood is a brand of handmade and exclusive body care products.

ClientZuyver - Pure Organic Skinfood
DateOctobre 2017

The Zuyver body butters and oils are handmade and exlusive products for the modern and independent woman (and man). They are made using only organic products. It was important for the design to reflect the brand’s values, as well as being elegant and accessible. Replacing the Y for the ayurvedic hands gives the sensation of balance and well-being, while using a classic and long letter to transmit the feeling of elegance.


Designing the labels for the products, I focussed on simplicity. Using key colors from a mediterranean palet such as ocean green, lavender purple etc, with subtle and elegant decorative elements.